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    Culture change
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    Rewiring The Organisation

About us

Over 18 years we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest, most complex organisations to tackle strategic and cultural challenges in new ways. We break through the barriers of indifference, even hostility, that so many organisations encounter in times of change or transition. Whether it’s navigating a change of direction, crafting new ways of collaborating, or distilling and preserving essential values, we help businesses move forwards. We’re good at opening minds and getting things moving.


We have shaped a distinctive method to 
gather raw evidence; 
pattern insight; 
negotiate shared understanding and commitment; 
do & make relevant artefacts and experiences that translate findings into action, and 
return & reflect on the impact of our work and what might be needed next.

Victoria Ward | Director

I founded Sparknow in late 1997 assembling it from the components (story, networks, knowledge spaces) of a knowledge management programme I’d set up in an investment bank. Wind back to late 1981. Fresh from university I fell into exchange traded futures and options, first as a broker, then running R&D at the futures exchange in London, leading a global futures business. From there via chief operating officer, capital markets, to chief knowledge officer and arriving at Sparknow. My overriding interest is in repairing broken connections between individuals and institutions, and releasing the latent energy vital to cultural change.

Fiona Hiscocks | Director

My career began at IBM, travelling through the worlds of disaster recovery, e-business and finally knowledge management. I joined Sparknow after being awarded a patent on using story for organisational effectiveness and from this grounding grew my interest in organisational change. I’m fascinated by organisational cultures; how story can act as a window on an organisation and how those narratives can transform and help provide new insights.

Rewiring The Organisation

Neuroplasticity, networks and narrative in organisational culture

We’ve witnessed the human brain’s hardwiring for story, the invisible power of the network, how the neurological wiring of the individual affects the wiring of the whole organisation, and the brain’s astonishing ability to create new pathways to change and equally incredible determination to resist it.

This article starts a year-long period of investigation, discovery and conversations with fellow travellers around these themes.

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We would love to hear your stories

If you’re heading an organisation that’s in flux, leading a change programme or need to solve a problem that others can’t yet see and you’d like to talk to us about it, drop the Sparknow Directors a line.
You can write to our core team here:

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If you’re interested in being a fellow traveller with us contact
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