Getting Down To Business

Getting Down To Business is a collection of insights and stories, illustrating the many practical and surprising ways in which London’s businesses can profitably work with its museums, libraries and archives.

It shows how museums, libraries and archives can help businesses and entrepreneurs learn from the past, develop ideas and innovate; and how they can provide inspiration, education and training opportunities.

It is the result of a two-year research and pilot programme involving more than 100 professionals from museums, libraries and archives. Sparknow conducted the original research that led to the pilot programme and assumed a bridge building role for the pilot programme.

Getting Down To Business offers a stimulating read for heads of HR, talent management and employee engagement; MLA boards and trustees; policy-makers, independent consultants and librarians.

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‘In the current economic climate, finding innovative ways to ensure London emerges triumphant from the recession is vital. And the capital’s cultural institutions are doing just that, by engaging the brains of the business world as well as their wallets.’
Boris Johnson | Mayor of London

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Building on this work, Sparknow has developed a workshop with Incidental that develops leadership and team skills in how to use place and found sound, images and objects to shape ideas, awareness, and relationships.

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MLA stands for Museums Libraries and Archives. To find out more about the organization that commissioned Getting Down To Business, take a look at their website.

You can also read their Getting Down To Business press release.